Welcome to our little patch at Community Roots Academy. We are all so excited to have a garden that lies in the heart of our new campus where students can extend their learning through the wonderment of nature. Here at The Community Roots Patch you will get to experience the growing of the patch and the integration into the classroom. Enjoy!


In The Spotlight: Garden Committee

The Community Roots Academy gardening committee has been busy behind the scenes transforming what was once an untamed patch, into a future-growing mecca for the students of CRA. This has been no small task to, plan, implement, and transform the patch so the vision of incorporating the garden into the school curriculum can be met when school resumes.


Eve Fein and Cynthia Price planning what needs to be done at the garden project meeting

Back in June a garden project meeting was held under the big shaded trees to start mapping out what would be required to take the patch and turn it into an educational tool enhancing the learning experience of CRA students. The idea of the garden being an important component of the school curriculum has very much been the vision of Eve Fein, and because of her guidance the garden is becoming a reality.

But a project of this magnitude cannot be tackled alone! CRA is fortunate to have a community of volunteers that are quick to step up and get their hands dirty, and this project is no exception. Cynthia Price has stepped up as the Garden Expert providing the much needed knowledge in growing a successful garden. Nicky Davies has enthusiastically taken on Garden Coordinator to make sure everything runs smoothly, and the patch has all it needs to thrive. Laura McDermott and Natalie McKeown will oversee planting as Planter Coordinators, while Robin Newberry and Tina Kachani will make sure the garden stays in tip-top shape as Maintainer Coordinators. Helping to discover what the garden has to explore will be Lyndsey McCraw the Explorer Coordinator.

Before clearing
Chrystina Carney helping to clear
Ready for compost boxes
The before, during clearing, and after photos of where compost boxes needed to be built. 

Thank you to the community of parents and faculty who rolled your sleeves up to make a vision become a reality.