In the Spotlight: Gary Herson


We are so fortunate at CRA to have parents with many talents, and a willingness to share them to better the school for everyone. One such person is Gary Herson! Gary of Herson Property Development, Inc., and father to CRA students Becca and Brooklyn Herson was very generous to build large compost bins for our Community Roots patch. Assisted by his father-in-law Denny Oziel, Gary built compost bins that will benefit not only the growing of the patch but also enhance the learning experience for CRA’s students. The compost bins will allow CRA to create their own nutrient-rich fertilizer to be used to boost the growth of the plants well at the same time teach students how to take waste and turn it into a useful commodity. Community Roots Academy is very thankful to Gary Herson and his family for donating their time, and resources to better the garden learning experience for our students. Thank you!

The beautiful compost bins!
Denny Oziel proudly showing off his work.
Denny Oziel, Linda Goldstein, and Alison Herson with her daughters Becca and Brooklyn.

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