It’s a Party!


Before the Worker Bees swooped in!

What embodies the heart and soul of CRA is the community atmosphere. Everyone answers the call for help needed, and at the tail end of summer the call was answered at the Worker Bees Garden Party. Part of the early excitement surrounding the new campus involved the gardening patch at the center of the school. The chatter could be heard around campus and on social media as families explored CRA’s new home. Yet what was obvious in seeing the much talked about patch was how overgrown and unruly it was. And so it was decided to throw a party! Well not a traditional garden party with tea and scones but one that involved hard work and lots of dirt did not deter anyone, families RSVP’d enthusiastically.

On Saturday August 20th, 2016 the garden came abuzz with CRA worker bees. Young and old alike worked side by side to transform the patch from a weedy jungle into a clean slate ready for eager students to transform again. The day was filled with hours of hard work, laughter, and bonding. Learning started that day in the patch for the young gardeners involved as they discovered little critters from ladybugs, to inch worms, and even mice. They learned the reward of hard work by seeing before their eyes the transformation of the patch.

Garden Discoveries

The day went smoothly with everyone assigned an area to clear. Once the overgrown beds had been cleared fresh organic soil and fertilizer was brought in to allow for a healthy growing environment. Wood chips were laid down around the student learning area, under the big shaded tree, where teachers can educate CRA students outdoors in the garden itself.

Everyone pulled their weight to make an outdoor learning environment at CRA!


Last women standing ~ Eve Fein, Nicky Davies, and Cynthia Price

A big thank-you to all families involved in the Worker Bees Garden Party! Without you the patch would still be a jungle of weeds but instead a place for new roots awaits the students.


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