The gardening has begun, and wow what an impact these young little hands have already made by planting so many edible plants. Students from kindergarten through middle school have all had an opportunity to get their hands dirty filling their assigned planting beds with an array of vegetables. This Fall is going to see a bountiful of produce from lettuce, to snap peas, beans, cauliflower, and leeks just to name a few of the wonderful assortment. Getting CRA students out of the classroom and into the fresh air has created a new learning environment for these young children. They got to move about, apply what they are learning in the classroom, and connect to nature. Each grade is applying the learning experience in a different context depending on how it best fit in with their curriculum.

Next, we will get a window into each grade on their first day of gardening, and a small taste of how they will be taking the classroom to the garden. So stay tuned over the next few days. But first a special message from Nicky Davies, who has worked tirelessly as Garden Coordinator:

“It has been a huge week for planting we would like to thank all the Parent Volunteers for helping make this possible.

Please stop by and check out the garden in person, every garden bed has something in it. Every class has planted”.
Here is a glimpse of how the little patch has transformed over the past week! And make sure to subscribe to the blog so you can stay up to date with the happenings in CRA’s little patch.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” ~ Audrey Hepburn


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