Middle School

Middle School students are also getting to enjoy the garden. 6th-grade students are taking social studies out to the garden where they will continue learning about Ancient civilization.  They are going to make the connection between foods grown during the Roman Empire, and what they can grow in California today. They have so far planted peas, onions, and leeks. 7th-grade students will be dividing and conquering with Miss Kadziauskas class using the garden in their restaurant project whereas Miss Mandell’s students are using succulents to study earth and human activity. 8th-graders are staying open to allow the garden to morph with their studies, but they got busy planting marigolds with radishes, as well as carrots and sage.

Mrs. Bachrach’s 6th Grade class getting ready to plant.
6th Grade bed looking good.
Mrs. Ferguson’s 8th-graders.
8th-graders looking excited to be outdoors.
8th-graders planting marigolds and radishes.
Marigolds looking pretty.

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