In the Spotlight: Laura McDermott

Last week we had an abundance of posts highlighting all the students at CRA digging, planting, and sowing in the garden patch. It was wonderful to see the variety of plants being grown, and we owe Laura McDermott a huge thank-you for making that happen. Laura and her family generously donated all the plants and seeds to CRA, and we cannot thank them enough for showing such kindness and support. Laura is a Health Coach so understands the importance of enriching not only the mind but the person as a whole, and that healthy choices happen when we allow children to connect with how their food is grown. By donating such a variety of edible plants, students will get to experience that connection. Laura not only provided all the plants and seeds but has also been an active volunteer in the garden, helping with the clean up day, and gardening with the 5th graders last week.  While gardening with the students she noted that the “fresh air was calming for all involved”. What a beautiful observation of how the garden impacts our students emotionally. So a big heartfelt thank-you to Laura, not only for your family’s kind donation but also for being an active member of the gardening team, and helping make the vision of CRA’s little patch a reality.


Laura McDermott helping clean up the patch!



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