I belong to…

Each class has been working hard to create their own little patch to make up the tapestry of the larger CRA garden patch. Each patch is unique and tells a story of what that class is learning, how they have cared for and maintained the garden, and what they have produced. And like with any well-written story, there is a pride of ownership displayed with a cover to show who the story (aka patch) belongs to. Each class was able to do this by creating a one-of-a-kind garden sign to proudly show ownership. Two 4th-grade students, Tyler Davies and Lex Carney, worked hard to make the blank signs so each class could then decorate them. Please enjoy the colorful array of creations displayed in the photos, and better yet stop by the patch to see them up, close, and in person.

Tyler Davies and Lex Carney making the wooden garden signs
A colorful display of all the creative garden signs