In the Spotlight: Mark Hay

CRA is so fortunate to have had the guidance and mentorship of Mark Hay from the very beginning of the patch’s conception. Mark is a Nature Educator based at a school in Tustin. He has been generous in sharing his knowledge to help CRA formulate a plan and to see a dream become a reality. Last Spring he met several times with two wonderful pioneers of our beautiful garden Eve Fein and Cynthia Price. That time spent was in perpetration for the CRA garden initiative. And look how far we have come, in large part to Eve and Cynthia for having the vision and follow through to make it happen.


Cynthia Price gaining more knowledge from Mark Hay


In mid-November CRA Garden Reps, along with Eve, Cynthia, and Ms. Ferguson met again with Mark to further their knowledge. Ms. Ferguson will be heading up the composting with her 8th-grade students and was able to gain a wealth of information from Mark on how to achieve this.


Ms. Ferguson learning how to compost


Mark was blown away by how far the garden has progressed in such a short amount of time. That is something all members of CRA should be extremely proud of! It has been a collaborative effort of all CRA students, faculty, friends, and community to make the vision Eve and Cynthia had back in Spring, a reality. Thank-you Mark for being a part of our community and passing on your wisdom so CRA’s garden can grow!



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