It is all about the WORMS!

Did someone say WORMS!  How about hundreds of worms?  Last week the 5th-grade students enjoyed their hands on garden experience learning about the benefits of worms in the garden beds. Mike and Mandy from Harvest To Home were our special guest volunteers and provided us with all the worms. Thank you also to all the parents that sent in eggshells and coffee grounds!

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The students started off by crumbling and crunching eggshells with their gloved hands and sprinkling them into the corners of the beds.  They then proceeded to take handfuls of coffee grinds and gently massaged these into the dirt.  Next came the exciting part of handling the red squirmy earthworms! The students covered the garden, placing hundreds of them throughout the garden beds.  We all learned that worms help to enrich the soil and that their excrement provides rich nutrients that support plant growth.  Feeding on the eggshells and coffee grinds helps the worms grow, reproduce, and thrive in the garden which helps to make the garden thrive.

Laura McDermott



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