We have had some crazy weather this winter, filled with rain and rainbows and along with it came a messy, weedy, water swept little garden patch at CRA. All the pretty growing beds were no longer surrounded by clean pathways. To make it look beautiful again and to prevent further weeds and wash away would take a little miracle. This came to CRA through both a very generous donation of 10,000 pounds of gravel and lots of sweat and muscle from scholars, faculty, and parent volunteers.

Before 10,000 pounds of gravel + sweat and muscle

We are extremely thankful for Gary Herson at HPD Custom Home Remodeling along with Home Depot Santa Ana for donating 10,000 pounds of gravel to transform our little patch back to the beautiful garden we all love. And so the gravel arrived…

But before the gravel could be laid down between the beds clean up was needed. Kinder, 5th and 6th grades put in lots of sweat to clean up the patch to ready it for the gravel to make it beautiful again. And let us not forget the parent volunteers who are always a huge help in making all these transformations possible. And so in 3 short days, they worked away to transform the patch…

Time had arrived for the 10,000 pounds of gravel and this is what it looked like…
And then it was time for gravel to fill the pathways between the beds! With some milk cartons converted to shovels, a lot of little helpers, and parent volunteers the gravel was moved from a mountain to the pathways…

And now for the big reveal…

If you are in need of any home remodeling please consider supporting HPD Custom Home Remodeling who have been so generous in supporting our school. You can learn more about them at


This coming month everyone will be busy little bees again as the second round of planting begins – so stay tuned.


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